Pure Distilled Organic Sulfur

This is the finest, purest (99.9%)  
form of organic sulfur available!  
Purified by  distillation not  
crystallization methods. There are  
no fillers, no powder, no  
compressed tablets. It dissolves  
instantly in warm water.

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Distilled Organic Sulfur is a food and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
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Benefits of Organic Sulfur
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I encourage all my patients to use
PristineMSM. It is beneficial with many
diseases, including cancer, arthritis and
diabetes. Organic crystalline sulfur is
clearly the forgotten mineral. We used to
get it in our food before they started
processing it. It really is one mineral we
all need.
-Dr. G. Collins, Floyd, VA

I believe in this product. I take it and my
dogs take it. I have a 15 year old dog that
wouldn't be here if it were not for this
PristineMSM. After taking it, he acts and
plays like a puppy!
-A. Armistead, Floyd, VA

My health has improved in every aspect. I
no longer need thyroid medication.  I
have a lot of energy! Lymes diseas is no
longer an issue either!
-A. Adams, Floyd, VA

I treated my cancer with nutrition. I took
3 Tablespoons a day and am now cancer
free. I think this really helped in my well-
-M. Wilson, Ramona, CA

I used this in treating my Type II Diabetes.
I take it every day.
-N. Janes, Anaheim, CA

I stopped taking this product and noticed
that my allergies were coming back. I
started taking the PristineMSM again and
my allergies went away. I should have
figured this out since PristineMSM is a
great detoxifier!
-T. Wilson, Vista, CA
I am a potter and have developed arthritis
in my hands after many years of pressing
into the clay. The pain was almost
unbearable. After several weeks of using
Pristine MSM, I no longer have any pain!
-J. Avery, Floyd, VA
I tried this at Yoga Jam and in four days, I
was no longer suffering from seasonal
-M. Burton, Floyd, VA
I started taking this at Yoga Jam and could
do all the classes ~about 6 hours a day. I
never got sore or tired and had lots of
-S. Morrell-Schaller, NY, NY

We package our Organic Sulfur
in sealed1 LB Containers to
ensure product purity!
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What they are saying....
Pristine MSM - Distilled organic sulfur. 99.9% pure!
Pure Distilled Organic Sulfur
Distilled Organic Sulfur
OptiMSM  Data Sheet
Energy booster    Detoxifies the body    Reduces inflammation    Increases nutritional absorption    Improves complexion    Allergy relief Scar and tissue repair    Bioavailable source of sulfur    Autoimmune and gastrointestinal protection    and much more
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Available in:
1 to 4-1 lbs       $26.00/lb
5-1 lbs.            $24.00/lb

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